Young Adult Carers Age 16 – 24

We feel it is very important to offer support, information and advice to Young Adult Carers. Young Carers in the age bracket 16 – 24 can be known as ‘Carers in Transition’, as many go onto different education settings, work placements and other commitments, which they manage around their caring responsibilities. TEN NE South Tyneside Young Carers service and Humankind Young Carers service work in partnership to provide information, advice and guidance to our beneficiaries. We know from feedback from our Young Carers, that transitioning into adult services from a Young Carers project can be difficult. As a result, we aim to alleviate the stress associated with this, by providing as much support and guidance as needed.

Humankind Young Carers Service our partner organisation, are commissioned by South Tyneside Council to provide Young Adult Carers (age 16 – 24) with a Transition Assessment. This assessment details the type, amount and impact of care, allowing staff to create a bespoke support plan for the Young Adult Carers and their family. This information (with consent) is then shared with our service, allowing support to be implemented.

TEN NE South Tyneside Young Carers Service, offers support to our Young Adult Carers by listening to what they want to say and implementing this within the service. It is important to us that their voices are heard and acted upon, ensuring our service remains beneficiary led where possible. On our activity programme, this group is called the “OG’s” (Originals) a name chosen by them to make it their own, and not to be referred to as “Carers in Transition”. We run monthly activities which provides a chance for this age group to check in with staff, catch up with friends, meet others in similar situations to themselves and ultimately have fun! We have met up to play mini golf, bowling, Inflataspace, and eat out, to name a few. We also run monthly drop-ins within South Tyneside College where our young adult carers are welcome to come by for a chat, have some snacks and play some games. We are currently organising educational drop ins within local 6th forms, with the intention to be more accessible to this age group.

Support Available for Young Adult Carers…

  • Identification through the Young Adult Carers Transition Assessment (provided by Humankind)
  • Regular Young Adult Carer Activity Support Groups
  • Mental health support including one to one and emotional support
  • Information, advice, guidance and signposting
  • Further education and UCAS application support
  • CV and employment/training support
  • Grant application support
  • Help with Transition to South Tyneside Adult Services (STACS)
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Online training opportunities
  • A safe space to talk, meet new people and take time for themselves.
  • Young Adult Carer closed social media support group (Facebook)


If you are aged 16 – 24 and are interested in a Young Adult Carers transitional assessment please contact us for more information. You can contact us via telephone, text, email or Facebook.