Tuesday 21st July is the deadline for our consent forms, if you would like to be considered for any of our activities, please ensure your consent form in in before the end of today.

I have missed the hand in date; can I still submit the consent form? Yes, however if the places have all been allocated your child will be put on the reserve list.

Take a look at more of our frequently asked questions below:

My child has a caring role but is not registered with the TEN Young Carers Project can they still attend? No your child must be registered with the TEN Young Carers Project in order to be eligible or attend an activity. If you would like to refer your child please contact a member of the team and they will help you with this.

Where do I return the consent form? Return the completed consent form via email to admin@styoungcarers.org.uk. We expect to be receiving a lot of emails so please bare with us.

I have more than one child who is a Young Carer; can I write their details all on the same form? No, please use a separate form per child to make all medical information clear. Please save this document as your child’s name and send via email to the following email address admin@styoungcarers.org.uk

My child does not attend the weekly youth clubs but would like an activity (pack), are they eligible? Yes they can still request a place, we offer a number of services. It is not obligatory to access all of them.

How do I know if my child has been given a place? Do not assume you have a place you WILL be contacted by the Young Carers activity team prior to the event to let you know if your child has been allocated a place. This is usually done via text as explained above.

Are the activities ‘first come first served’? No the places are allocated based on the need of the Young Carer and the impact of their caring role.

Do we have to pay for the activities? No, they’re free! All activities are funded via the project and fundraising. The only time you will be asked to bring some money is if your child wants to buy a drink/ice cream or a souvenir however this is usually optional. Family events may require you to pay for lunch however staff will let you know if this is the case.

We would like to come to a family day, who is eligible to go? Any of the family can attend these activities including the cared for person.  Spaces are however limited to 3 per family including the Young Carer. If you have a large family and 3 spaces is not enough please let a member of staff know. We may be able to help however this is not guaranteed.

  • Date: Tuesday 21 Jul 2020
  • Time: All day event