Published: 13th January 2020

We have great news for our service! We have successfully secured funding to deliver the #IWill Project which helps Young Carers in transition to become Mentors. This enables them to have a voice in their local community and a chance to plan and develop activities for Young Carers and their families e.g. Forbidden Corner, Za Za Bazaar and Beamish.

This opportunity is available for Young Carers, age 10-16, and will require them to fundraise and organise events during the school holidays that they can attend. The Young Carers Mentors will also be involved in raising awareness of the Young Carers service and encourage Young Carers to help their local community. At the end of the project the mentors will be rewarded with a special treat for taking part.

If your child is interested in being a member and taking part in the project, please fill in the form below…

I Will Consent Form