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TEN NE South Tyneside Young Carers Service is commissioned by our local authority, to provide young carers and families with an assessment of needs, should they wish to have one. The assessment process involves a carers conversation with the young carer and family, which helps project staff to identify the type, amount and impact of caring. Once this has been established an appropriate support plan will be developed.

We recognise that the needs of young carers and families are individual to them. Therefore, they play a pivotal role in the development and implementation of support. Staff work closely with the young carers and family during the carers conversation/assessment, to identify key outcomes and areas for support. We then work collaboratively to address these areas and implement appropriate support to achieve positive outcomes.

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Stages of Referral and Assessment

Identification – Referrer identifies the Young Carer and speak to the family about Humankind South Tyneside Young Carers providing information on the service and gaining their signed consent to the referral

Referral Form – Refer to complete the Humankind Referral form, ensuring all information requested is given. Referrer then sends the completed referral form to Humankind South Tyneside Young Carers.

Initial Visit – Visit is made with family to discus in more detail the service and assessment process.

Service Engagement – Assessment completed and support agreed including TEN South Tyneside Young Carers Respite and Activity offer.  Referrer informed of the outcome of their referral.

No Service Required – Signposting to relevant service or brief intervention made.  Referrer informed of the outcome of their referral.



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